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New BM Journey - 7 Confirm enrollment.

The process has been run, all steps are almost covered, what's needed? Confirm plan enrollment and check workers' benefits. Let's go ahead and get over this, please!

Confirm plan enrollment

Once the process has been executed and we got results, we need to confirm the enrolment for our workers.

Log into Dynamics 365 Human Resources > Benefits management > Benefits plans. Once you reach that page, select a plan > Benefits > Enrolled workers.

A new window will open, as shown below, and you will get a list of enrolled workers or pending to confirm. Remember the Tinder logic, just because you made the match doesn't mean you will go on a date, well actually here is where you choose to go on a date.


There are two options, one is to confirm worker enrollment with no coverage options and the other one is to confirm with coverage options.

Confirm worker enrollment for a plan with no coverage options

Once the tab is open with the pending to enroll workers, you need to confirm the selection. When you select the Select button, the Confirm one will be enabled for you to confirm the enrollment. See the video below:

This means the worker has been enrolled successfully in the plan and will be able to see it from Employee self-service.

Confirm an enrollment and add coverage options

So in this case is pretty much the same, log into Dynamics 365 Human Resources > Benefits management > Benefits plan and select the plan you want to check results for. I'm going to choose Medical high-deductible, that's always a plan with coverage options. Follow the same process shown in the very first screenshot of this article and go to the Enrolled workers section. Once the enrolled workers' tab is opened, step into the right coverage option you want to add to the worker, select the Select button and then Confirm.

Easy peasy. Worker enrolled and coverage option completed :)


If you did it till here, congrats. It is an exhausting process and I hope I'm making it the right way. If you have any comments or changes that are needed please let me know.

Below you will find all the articles listed for the process :)

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