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New BM Journey - 3 Parameters and shared parameters.

Now that we already completed all previous steps for the module, we can actually start diving into Benefits management. Our first stop will be Human Resources Parameters and Human Resources shared parameters. There is not much to do, but there are a couple of interesting things you can add or edit if you feel like doing it.

To access any of these parameters, you need to go into Dynamics 365 Human Resources > Benefits Management > Links > Human Resources Shared Parameters / Human Resources Parameters.

Human Resources Shared Parameters

In this case, you can set parameters that are a cross legal entity. It contains general information that could be tailored to your own reality.

Human Resources Parameters

These are legal entity specific, and they are a bit lame, to be honest.


Setting these parameters is something that can personalize a bit more your experience in the implementation of Benefits management within Dynamics 365 Human Resources. Let-s move forward

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