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New BM Journey - 1: Introduction and enabling the feature.

I don´t exactly remember the date, but we've been blessed with a new, complex, and challenging benefits management feature within Dynamics 365 Human Resources that despite being really hard to understand - at least for me - it is much more complete and will help us deliver a better experience for customers.

Compared to the previous one, this module is supporting other scenarios already seen in projects that need to be addressed by D365 HR, as well as providing benefits features through Employee self-service.

As a previous step, you might need to enable the functionality, and this is quite easy as it only requires following to perform the standard process to enable any new feature. As a good practice, from time to time is good to check new features and if you want to, enable them :)

Log into Dynamics 365 Human Resources > System administration > Feature Management

Mine is already enabled. But in your case, you may find a button in the bottom right that clearly says: Enable.

Once this is done you can start with the fun part, to actually build something really cool in your company.


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