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New BM Journey - 5 Benefits plans

Finally, we can set up our benefits plans and glue together all configuration items to make this module work! Let's go for it.

Once again, dive into Dynamics 365 Human Resources > Benefits Management. Once you are there, under the tile of Plans select Benefits Plans.

A new tab will open, configure the items as desired

General information

Under this tab, is important to add the valid dates and the plan type code. Make sure you are adding the right information.




Eligibility rules



It looks like we are done, but actually, there's an important step missing. Attaching coverage options to the plans. To set them up go to Dynamics 365 Human Resources > Benefits management > Benefits plans. Once you have the benefit plan selected, in the top options, select Benefits and then Attach coverage options.

A new tab will open and you can add the coverage options we defined in our previous step/post.


Now, the plans have all the items required to advance in the enrollment eligibility process. We are close to the end, so make sure you enjoy these last steps.

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