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New BM Journey - 6 Enrollment eligibility process.

We need to run our Enrollment eligibility process, which allows us to make the potential match between benefits plans and employees. Think about it as Tinder, yes I know you have never used it before but I'm sure some of your friends told you how it works. Matching with someone doesn't mean you will advance with a date, in this case with Dynamics 365 Human Resources is pretty much the same, you can run the process to check the matches and then confirm the enrollment.

This process is a very simple one, and I'll try to keep this article as simple as possible. I know you may need some air after all this heavy content.

Log into Dynamics 365 Human Resources > Benefits management > Enrollment eligibility process.

A new tab will open and you can enter the information to run the process. In this stage, you can either run the process for an individual or for all employees. If you leave the Worker field blank, the process will run for everyone, if you prefer to check specifically an employee just add it to the field. Same happens with the Benefit plan field, leaving it blank means all benefits will be included in the process, and if you select a certain plan, the process will run for that one specifically. Running an ´open´ process will take a while as is checking all eligibility rules + employee specifications + plans, and getting a result. I highly recommend it doing it by plan and leaving the worker field blank.

After the process is executed, you will get a message like the one below indicating the process has been run - hopefully - successfully:

To check the process results, select Process results

A list with all results will open, I recommend you focus attention on the fields highlighted, as they will let you know what's right and wrong with the eligibility enrollment process.


Nice and easy right? We are one entry away to the finish line! We can do this

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