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Power Apps & Pages for D365 HR

As part of the infrastructure merge, I need to start using Dynamics 365 Finance and Operations to showcase, demo, and create content. That's purely the reason why I'm using it. Believe me, If I could I would still use my beloved standalone Dynamics 365 Human Resources.

The truth is that neither of the platforms are providing some functionalities that are part of the core HR processes. Of course, this is not a problem for us. Why? Because we work with Microsoft, and Microsoft loves extensibility. This is where Power Platform comes to life, and that's the main reason behind the post.

Let's extend HR capabilities within Finance and Operations using the Power Platform

The situation described below is something regular. It happens all the time. Organizations lacking a digital transformation strategy end up facing this challenge constantly. Let's see how we can help

📜 Functional scenario: A hiring manager has no clue what's going on regarding the hiring processes from the area.

💡 Functional solution: Provide an integrated experience delivering an improvement on HR capabilities to help managers understand what's going on with the hiring processes.

🛠️ Tech scenario: Customer is using the HR module from Dynamics 365 Finance and Operations, they also use Power Platform for other processes.

👨🏻‍💻 Tech solutions

  1. Design a Canvas App for the hiring process including candidate information and embed it in the Manager Self-Service module.

  2. Design a Power Page and add it to the Employee Self-Service module through the links functionality.


Solution #1: The Canvas App

1. Log into

2. Select +Create, and search the templates. In this specific case, we are lucky to have a template app that solves the scenario quite simply.

3. Once you selected the template this tab will open, if you need it you can change the name. I renamed it to Our hiring processes. After

4. Make sure you are happy with the content and functionality the template is providing.

5. Keep it in the fridge for at least 15 minutes.


Manager Self-Service / HR within Finance

Log into Dynamics 365 Finance and Operations and dive into Employee Self-Service/Self-Service, depending on your configuration.

2. Once the Employee Self-Service is opened, select My team.

3. Right-click near the My team tile, then select Personalize: FormTabControl

4. All the workspace will blur and a new control is opened at the top. In this control, select Personalize this page:

5. This additional control will open (I promise the effort pays off), select the three dots (...), and then Add an app.

6. Select the area of the fo