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D365 HR: Compare benefits plans

Deploying a new Dynamics environment means that our first stop is Feature Management. I was doing this earlier today and realized that some new features have been released and it was time to test them immediately.

One of the features that has taken protagonism in the last couple of releases is Benefits Management, and today I can tell you that the efforts have paid off. I'm quite happy with the simplified version of it.

Let's imagine you or your client have been using Dynamics 365 for a while and tracking Benefits for a few years. This new feature will save you tons of time comparing worker enrollments from one period against another. In the first screen below you can see that the Worker benefits plans bulk update - which has a much nicer way to visualize data - from the top, there is a new button that says Compare plans.

Then a new tab will open and you can select the two periods to compare, as well as the data you want to retrieve. As you can see in the Benefits plan details there are a couple of options to select, so you can retrieve and compare the information you desire:

  • General,

  • Enrollment,

  • Life event,

  • Beneficiary.

In the screen below I opened the enrollment benefit detail for both periods 2023 vs 2021. To be honest, enrollment is one of the most recurring data retrieved while working on implementations. Enrollment will contain not only information about dates and periods but also coverage amounts, annual contributions, number of pay periods, employee and employer amounts, as well as administrative amounts among other fields.

If you want to take a deeper look into the feature I recommend you to dive into it. Official resources are a bit limited, so a hands-on approach is all I can recommend from here. However, Microsoft documentation can be found here: Simplifying managing employee benefit elections | Microsoft Learn

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