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D365 HR Guru ⭐ PVA + GPT

Actualizado: 30 oct 2023

Today, I'm refreshing some of my knowledge around Power Virtual Agents and GPT and I couldn't think of anything better than a Dynamics 365 Human Resources to help users with configuration questions.

I used AI features, not only including the web where the content gets retrieved but also information I have stored locally, hence documents that contain important information.

If you want to create your own bot, or just know how AI works for Power Virtual Agents keep reading.

Log into and select Create a bot.

The page below will display, make sure you add the name of your bot, language and the web you want to use to boost your conversations with generative answers.

After all this information is entered, the site will take a second - or two - to set up the bot. It should take a couple of minutes, but in any way be patient.

After it loads, the following page will display. In this case I added a couple of web pages where the information can be retrieved. Be careful, links can't be more than two levels deep.

Another option is to additionally include documents where information about the topic might be stored. I did add a local document that contains some interesting bullet points I try to keep handy.

After all this info is set up, you can go directly to Channels and publish it. I do recommend using Teams or demo website if you are trying to prove how your bot perform and gather some analytics and understand the behavior.

In this case I selected the demo website, it will look similar than the one below. I added a short intro that explains why this bot exists and the triggers to initiate the conversation.

Do you want to try it? Go here :)

If you want to know a little bit more about Microsoft Power Virtual Agent with GPT technology have a look at this: Power Virtual Agents: Building Enhanced Chatbots with GPT (

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