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AI Builder for Image Description

I'm a fanatic about AI Builder or AI Models, or however it is called these days. Sometimes I lack the imagination or creativity to create ALT descriptions for my images. I thought trying the Describe your image AI Model was a good idea. So keep reading if you want to see the results.

Log into make.powerapps and select AI Hub.

From the three options on the top, select AI Models.

After this page loads, select All from the top.

A new page will display all available AI Models you can play with. This is the moment where you either keep doing this guide or decide that another model is interesting. Keep reading as I already tried quite some models and will link the articles in the bottom line.

When the page describing the models opens, select Use prebuilt model and then Use in App.

A Power App will load automatically and the app will be created for you.

You have two options, go with the predefined design or change it a bit. I'm not a fan of the predefined model, but I haven't mastered the art of UX, so please bear with me and my square shadow-less buttons.

Below you can see the "evolution" of the original design and the final one. I will probably get better, but I'm quite happy with the result.

Below you can see a video with a couple of examples, you can see that is good but it needs a little bit more training.

Thank you for reading!

If you made it here help yourself with some additional AI Builder/Models articles:

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