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Let's extend D365HR!

This works pretty much the same as movie title translation. You've got one in Spanish and a completely different one in English. My latest post about extending D365HR is out in Spanish and you can find it here: ¿Extender? Sí, extender. ( I decided this was a good opportunity to write in English as well. So here you go.

We all know that D365HR is a solution built to fulfill your HR needs, but you could find some gaps in your specific requirements. What I bring today in this post is: extend D365 HR in a very simple level. I want you to think about it as an easy way to do it and also a very basic one.

Basic guide

Step 1: Log into the main D365 HR Dashboard and press right button on your mouse, and then Personalize: TilePageContainer.

Step 2: A new option will open, select Add page

Step 3: Select the option it suits you better



Add a name and then select Ok

Workspace is now created in the main dashboard

But is empty, so we need to start adding features. We need to dive into the existing modules and add the functionalities you want to gather in the new one.

As an example, I added several features cross-module for starters, this is the result :)


Power Apps

Add a name and the app ID

By selecting the new module you'll be able to use your Power App embedded in Dynamics 365 Human Resources, as shown below:



Fill in the fields

The website you added will appear in the main dashboard, and by selecting it you will land in a workspace that looks somehow like this


See below the three new workspaces created in Dynamics 365 Human Resources with a few simple clicks

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