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What happened with D365 HR during 2021?

A lot of stuff happened this year around Dynamics 365 Human Resources and there's nothing better than summarizing all changes and new features. Mainly because I want to share it with my network but mostly because I know this will be a handy entry for my future self. There is always someone asking "When did this change?" or "How was this back in Jan 2021?". This is the wrap-up post about Dynamics 365 Human Resources' new functionalities and announcements.

I truly expect you to like it and enjoy it as much as I did creating it.

❄️️ January

Two main things happened in this month and both are equally good.

Workflows: we experienced some additions in the work items assigned to a user - all displayed in a unique place at the main dashboard - and the workflow submission improved for the better with a much better user experience.

Benefits management: last year we experienced a new benefits management module with complex but complete functionality. As we keep working with BM, we were missing reason codes for benefit enrollment, this release provided us with this capability.

⛄️ February

The amazing Dynamics 365 Human Resources Team App moved from public preview to general availability and all companies started using it for real. For those who do not know, this app enables employees and leaders to manage Leave and Absence requests through Microsoft Teams connected with D365 HR. Did you start using it already?

☔️ March

Speaking about Leave and Absence, during this month the functionality for managers to view leave cross-company was enabled and with this D365 HR keeps delivering a smart and rapid experience not only for HR but for everyone!

💫 April

Because HR People like to have all info under control, the Product Team made available the functionality to restrict employees from editing business contact details, this means all corp details such as email, telephone, or even address.


During May we experienced a simple but good enhancement for the D365 HR Team App, supporting half-day requests and splitting days on multiple leave types.

🌻 June

A few exciting things happened during June.

Benefits management: in this release custom fields for eligibility rules started to be supported, so now HR People are able to run the eligibility processes based on custom fields.

Leave and Absence: firstly auditing leaves accrual transactions became a reality. Secondly, a new workflow experience was delivered for requesting time off.

💐 July

Once again a simple feature, but keeps answering customer needs, a new functionality helps HR People to calculate years of service from different dates according to business needs.

🔥 August

No features were moved to GA, but lots of new ones under public preview looked promising.

🐚 September

To compensate for a few calm months, September came with a lot of new and good stuff. We did have some GREAT new features around Payroll Integration, this means that companies were able to integrate Dynamics 365 Human Resources with local Payroll providers through an API. This way HR can create an employee pay profile, a fixed compensation as well as benefit contributions and deductions (already in D365 HR) and one-time payouts. A major goal that helped to rank D365 HR as one of the complete hire-to-retire solutions. Due to this integration, new functionality to mark employees as ´ready to pay´ was enabled during September as well.