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We rise by lifting others

I've created this entry to shout out to some amazing power people out there who somehow helped me to became what I am today. A big THANK YOU for all!

Malin Martnes

We've been connected for a year or so. She helped me with my first issues in D365 HR, and was always open to support my doubts. These past months we became more connected, and she started mentoring me, sometimes she says this process is enjoyable. We have a lot of fun together :). Besides all this, she's an MVP for Business Applications (D365 HR Master!!) and MCT.

You can find her in here:

Kamal Radhakrishnaiah

I promised I was going to attend to his session that started at my 5:00 am, but I couldn't wake up (my time zone sucks!) After that I viewed the recording and felt very comfortable and pleased with the session, I sent my comments and we started talking. Since then we connected and talk a lot about out beloved D365 HR. He has an amazing blog you can check in here, also he´s gathering all the D365HR entries in an amazing newsletter.

Thierry Graulich

We connected a few months ago when he proposed to translate my entries to French. I was delighted with this initiative. He centralizes a lot of amazing blog post from all over the world and translates to his mother language. Isn´t this awesome? Check his blog and social media in here:

Tom Elliott

Since I've started working with Dynamics 365 HR, I needed help and luckily I found Tom's blog. He's very clear and neat, that made my path really easy. Here you can fin him:

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