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Together we stand: at least 7 Microsoft solutions for HR

A few days ago I created a poll on LinkedIn and Twitter to find out how many Microsoft solutions people think exist to support today's Human Resources challenges. Look at the results 🗳️!

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I felt inspired to create this article that I hope you like as much as I did writing it. Is longer than usual but it will help you to broaden your horizons and keep in mind how much we can do to improve HR life with Microsoft solutions.

My passion is Dynamics 365 Human Resources, that's not a secret. Lately, I've been thinking outside the box, exploring other Microsoft solutions that support Human Resources realities beyond D365 HR. The reason behind this exploration can be summarized in a catchy phrase: ´together we stand, divided we fall´. By taking advantage of the Microsoft solution-combo we can build a strong and smart toolbox that responds to specific scenarios for our customers.

There's an entire hub created and available to reach this goal. They also share the same cloud - Microsoft Cloud - what does this mean? Identity, security, management, and compliance in only one place, a relief for every organization.


7 solutions for Human Resources

#1: Dynamics 365 Human Resources

Ok, you already know a bit about this, and it will always be my first option for Core Human Resources processes.


#2: LinkedIn Talent Hub + LinkedIn Talent Insights

We all have been using it for a while and is finally part of the Microsoft hub.

  • Goals: Applicant tracking system for all hiring processes, real-time data, and insights in a collaborative hub for the hiring team.

  • Scope: Applicant tracking system (ATS) and Talent insights.

  • Challenges: Recruiting.

  • Licensing: Request licensing details with sales here.

  • More information: Make smarter talent decisions with LinkedIn Talent Insights


#3: Microsoft Teams

A solution for every single team to meet, chat, call, and collaborate in just one place and easily extensible.