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The D365HR Journey: Personnel Management 📊

Hey there! Welcome to the Personnel Management episode of the D365HR Journey.

I can´t deny it, this is my absolute favorite one! In the past - as an HR Analyst I needed to track all worker's information in Excel spreadsheets, and that was exhausting... when I just started working with D365HR I find out about this module and it solves all of my immediate issues, hence I fell in love with the solution.

Why I love it?

👉 Easy to capture general information of the current situation of workforce

👉 Hire employees or workers in 1 click (Hiring made easy entry)

👉 Capture all employee changes in one tab

👉 See current open positions

👉 Tab to keep updated expiring records

🔥 BONUS: Massive out of the box PowerBI Analytics

See you in the next one!

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