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The D365HR Journey: Employee Self-Service ūüõí

Second episode on The D365HR Journey, in this case, we are going to cover Employee Self-Service.

I'm completely in love with this module because of how easy is for employees to manage their own request and edit information - believe it or not - this is a massive pressure release for HR People.

Why I love it?

ūüĎČ Employees are free to update their own information

ūüĎČ Easy overview of accrued leave balances

ūüĎČ Quick access to organization information: job description and loaned equipment

ūüĎČ Calendar with next scheduled review

ūüĒ• BONUS: If you are not using some of the boxes they are easy to hide

Hope you like it! Feel free to share feedback in the comment section ūüôÉ

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