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Skill-mapping profiles

How difficult is it for you or your HR customer to find the right people for the job openings? Let's be real, some companies have made investments in recruiting platforms when the majority of the talent is already inside the company waiting for a promotion or career switch. Based on the research I've made, 40% of millennial employees expect a promotion within 1 to 2 years.

Far from trying to convince you about how my generation works, I'm here to tell you that there's a way to lower your recruiting costs - which includes not only the hours invested in headhunting but the employee's learning curve and the time co-workers and managers invest in helping the new joiner. If you already have or are planning on implementing Dynamics 365 Human Resources, let me tell you there's a hidden gem you will love. It is called Skill mapping profiles and it's just gold.

How does Microsoft describe the feature?

You can create a skill-mapping search to find a qualified person in Dynamics 365 Human Resources. Skill-mapping searches return results for criteria you enter by looking through the following information: Skills, Education, Certificates. Positions, and Project experience. Skill-mapping profiles allow you to find current employees or candidates with qualifications that directly correspond to business needs.

Before trying this feature:

  1. Make sure your workers have skill mapping enabled:

2. Check that workers have their full information loaded in the system (skills, education, certs, positions, and project experience).


Let's go! Log into Dynamics 365 Human Resources and select Employee Development.

Once the module loads, select Links and Skill mapping profiles.

Create a new one by completing the following tabs.





Once you are happy with the profile, select Execute. It will take a bit because the system is reading and comparing all the workers/candidates/contacts existing in the system with the profile we just created.

When the execution is done, you can have a look at the results. There are 2 formats, I recommend the Report because is easy and clean. The Graphics is OK, but when you have too many workers is quite confusing.

This is the look you will get when selecting Report. Which is my recommendation.

But if you feel lucky, this is the Graphics results.


Can we stop looking outside what we already have? This blog is proof of how important it is to have a look at our internal resources and give them good career opportunities.

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