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✨ Recruit as a PRO: LinkedIn Talent Hub

I hope this article finds you as excited as I am for the news I'm about to share...

I've been expecting this news since I started working with D365 HR, and we finally have it between us: WELCOME LINKEDIN TALENT HUB.

🚨 Disclaimer I: these features are in public preview, you can use them as a part of your trial or sandbox environment, but no in production.

🚨 Disclaimer II: the functionality is available in some regions, so this article may not be applicable to all realities.

Do you know LinkedIn, right? The biggest source of candidates in the world?

Well, picture that you can use it as an Applicant Tracking System. Isn´t that every recruiter dream? I wish I had this tool back in the day I was an HR Analyst. With this feature, you will be able to search, manage and hire employees.

For the set up you will need to complete all these steps:

  • Connect your environment to LinkedIn Talent Hub (you need a licence)

  • Create a Power Apps security role

  • Create a Power Apps application user: to grant permissions between LTH and Power Apps environment to transfer records.

  • Assign a security role to the new user

  • Add an Azure Active Directory app in Human Resources

  • Create the entity in CDS

Recruit as a PRO!

Did you ever work with LinkedIn Recruiter licences? In case you ever did, it works very similarly. You build your projects, recruit all the prospects that fulfil your requirements and when you decided which prospect you are going to hire, you change state to HIRED.

And here you can find the most interesting part: after selecting hire, you can ask LinkedIn to export the record to HRIS. LinkedIn will ask you:

  • HRIS provider (of course you will select Dynamics 365 Human Resources)

  • Start date

  • Job title

  • Location

  • Email

The record will be exported from LinkedIn Talent Hub to Dynamics 365 Human Resources > Personnel Management, and you can continue with the standard process for Onboarding.

Official image from Microsoft Documentation

To see more information about this feature check this link:

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