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Power App Cards + Dataverse

Have you tried Power Apps Cards already? These are great ways to display information and perform actions with them. In this post, I will share with you how to set up Power App Cards with Dataverse.

Let's start with the basics, what is Power App Cards? According to Microsoft documentation:

Power Apps cards are micro-apps with enterprise data and workflows and interactive, lightweight UI elements that other applications can use as content. Because they're part of the Power Apps ecosystem, cards can add business logic through Power Fx and integration with business data through Power Platform connectors. Using cards, you can quickly build and share rich, actionable apps without any coding or IT expertise.

One thing you need to know before jumping into creating cards is that these are under preview, which means you can have early access to the feature but you might find some difficulties along the way.

The card I'm about to share was created to present at Cloud Technology Townhill Tallinn 2023 in a session I delivered with Yannick Reekmans. This is the documentation used to create the card: Create a card with data from Dataverse (preview) - Power Apps | Microsoft Learn.

What is this card for? To help users update account names automatically integrated with Dataverse. If the user changes the name of the account, this change will reflect in the Table 'account' from Dataverse. ,


Before starting

  1. Select a data source: this is your lucky day because as of now (02/13/2023) the only data source available is Dataverse.