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My favorite D365 HR Analytics 📊

The inspiration for this entry: my younger self. This is the kind of content I would have liked to read when entering the world of Human Resources instead of a massive amount of hours reading about interview techniques.

Ok, so what brings us today here is one of the golden tools that we can use in HR - and in life - to work smarter and with a solid base: Analytics.

Is not new that Analytics are a part of every single business in the entire world. We use them to take advantage of the data generated from the business and to the business. Some core areas of the companies already use this methodology to deliver better and smarter services or products to specific/focused customers. Later on, the world realized the importance of keeping track of HR Analytics. In today's entry, I'll share with you those Analytic reports you can consult withing D365HR. Keep in mind that the ones I'm about to show you are out of the box, but if you need anything tailored, there's always a chance to extend the solution with PowerBI.

Let's go one workspace at a time.

🚀 First stop: Personnel Management

I selected my favorite ones to show you how easy and simple is to access this information.

🚤 Second stop: Leave and Absence

In this case, we can see the information related to L&A.

🚅 Thirds stop: Compensation management

See general information about Compensation Management.

✈️ Fourth stop: Employee development (my favorite).

This is on the money. I love this analytic report, is one of the most "soft" analytics of this solution. Instead of measuring numbers, quantities, or amounts, this report provides us a deep-overview of the current situation with Employee Development.

Is my first time using screen recordings to share my journey with these reports. Feel free to send feedback!

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