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:: Microsoft Build ::

So, Microsoft Build is around the corner and we are starting to build our schedules.

I'm super happy to share with you that I'll be a part of it sharing an amazing session with two amazing human beings.

My tips:

#1: Register here: Microsoft Build 2021 - Home - Microsoft Build 2021

#2: Build your schedule, see all the sessions here: MyBuild - Session catalog (

#3: Make sure you find awesome sessions to attend. Some suggestions:

#4: And this is mandatory... add this session to your schedule - MyBuild - Build inclusive communities like a pro (

Build inclusive communities like a pro

Learn the benefits of community building and connect with other Microsoft Build attendees to discuss best practices in fostering inclusive communities particularly for women in tech. Connect with our hosts with experience in building women-focused tech communities, user groups, running workshops, providing mentoring and engagement programs. Unmute yourself, turn your camera on - No presentations here! Be prepared for chat and a fun interactive discussion!

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