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👋 I invite you to: Start.Dev.Change.

Hey friend, what are you going to do on October 14th and 15th?

Let's be honest, a chapter of your favourite series is about 45-ish minutes, right? And I'm pretty sure you watch more than one, right? I think I know you so well... Whaaaat if I told you that for the same amount of time - or less - you will be able to attend some amazing sessions in Start.Dev.Change.?

What's is Start.Dev.Change?

A two-day virtual event fully created for beginners that are willing to upskill hosted by Microsoft!

There are plenty of sessions and panel discussions with some nice tricks to fail fast, but learn faster and start using the solutions right away. You will find tracks from code development and introduction to no-code development tools with my beloved Power Platform.

(Pst! Is totally free).

Is all about sharing

I think you may read this before, but the key to our success is to SHARE. Of course, you can learn by yourself, but let's be honest, once again, you'll be missing the most important part of a learning process: exchanging with others. I can´t measure all the connections I've made the past year, and how I upskilled my self only by connecting.

Why attend?

First of all: because is one of the most diverse events I ever have seen. All the continents are represented and the distribution by gender is totally equal. If this doesn´t convince you, here is a list of reasons:

  • If you want to add value to your professional career - it doesn't matter your background.

  • If you want to build your own solutions - it doesn't matter if you are not tech.

  • If you think you can improve some process or help a business - it doesn't matter if you don´t know where to start.

  • If you want to be a part of the revolution of the tech industry - it doesn´t matter if you are shy.

  • If you want to impress your crush/family - well, I think I went too far...

I know I know, you need more information. So the best thing that I could do for you is this:

See you there?

One of the things I've learned these days was to own my narrative. I wasn´t prepared because I thought my story wasn't meant for others. And I was completely wrong. Once I started sharing my path, there where some special ones (Dona Sarkar & Joe Camp) that approached me directly with an amazing invitation to share How I DIY'ed My Career Growth (that's the name of the session) with other two amazing human beings: Jonathan Sinclair and Mary Thompson. I'm so happy to be pre-closing Day 2 of the event with this team, after us: the amazing Dona and Seth Juarez will be closing the event.

See you there friends!

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