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👋 I invite you to D365 F&O Summit 2021

Hey there!

Is time to invite you to the Dynamics 365 Finance Operations Summit 2021! Make sure you save some time in January because there are lots of amazing speakers sharing knowledge about Microsoft Technology.

I'm more than happy to announce I'll be presenting my classical presentation, in my mission to continue spreading the word about this AWESOME solution: Let's talk D365 HR Fundamentals.

We will dive into the unknown D365 Human Resources, reviewing key features to let you know what’s the goal of this solution, the modules, structure, and other information you MUST know! You will learn why is not just a module from F&O, along with some good practices while implementing it. I’ll share who are the leaders you need to follow and how to connect with the amazing community that’s always available to help you empower your knowledge.

You can keep track of every update by visiting this page: Dynamics 365 Finance Operations Summit 2021 – Power Community

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