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EN D365 HR | Chapter 36: Performance Management

We are heading to the end of the year, and this means that some cycles are coming to an end. It is for me, the perfect moment to reflect on Performance Management. Some companies take advantage of the end of the gregorian calendar to recap reviews, goals, learning curves, and improvement points for employees. Other companies are just too busy with the end of the year to focus on this process, so they can delay this performance review till March of the upcoming year.

Performance management in Dynamics 365 Human Resources: the components

You already know how much I love this solution, I find it useful, suitable, and user friendly. Let me prove why by sharing the components.

📝 Performance journal: every year your Manager defines some goals and improvement points for you, in order to achieve the next level or help you become a better professional (if both occur, that's even better). One of the best resources to keep in mind what you've conquered so far, and what is left to conquer is to keep track of the activities and tasks you performed in the past month. As an employee, you need facts to prove - or not - that you fulfill your boss's expectations. And this will be your best friend.

📨 Send feedback: you can deliver feedback to an employee inside Employee Self-Service, just keep in mind that if you click the button 'send feedback' not only the employee will receive it, but his manager and your manager.

🎯 Goals: this is a very common component of Performance reviews, is basically why the reviews are made for. To track and conquer those goals. In Dynamics 365 for Human Resources, you will be able to track the goals that your manager assigned to you. These goals can be linked to a measurement - if you ask me this is the SMARTEST way to assign a goal... Keep in mind that attachments are allowed - be kind and add them, this is a better backup than only words (Extreme - More Than Words (Official Video) - YouTube).

👻 Performance review: a.k.a. the big moment. When you share your thoughts and your manager do the same. This review is basically an instance or meeting between your boss and you where all the previous components come together to create a better future for both, and the company.

D365 HR Gem 💎: the workflow

If you want to create a smooth process, you can use workflows to ensure all the steps are followed properly and with care. Keep in mind that the chart shown below is a standard process, it may not represent your reality. If that's the case, feel free to reach out!

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