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Employee Self-Service components: header.

Regarding self-service capabilities Dynamics 365 Human Resources (now back available in FnO) provides some good options. We will zoom in and understand more about this module in the next posts. Come and join us!

The first thing you need to know is that most of the time Employee Self-Service, as well as Manager Self-Service, are often the last modules that come to life. Why? Because it gathers information from all the modules. In the series, when zooming, I will show you the map to other workspaces.


Header: the important info

Added to the warm welcome, the employee self-service header gives a bit of information. You will notice in the screenshot below a couple of interesting fields:

Image: a picture of the employee.

  • Department: the department the person's position belongs to.

  • Position: employee position.

  • ✏️ Edit personal details: functionality to edit details we will see below

When selecting the ✏️ Edit personal details a new tab will open and the employee will find the following:

By performing this action, the worker is able to edit these details:

  • Addresses: create, update and edit as many as they want including the purpose and details.

  • Contact details: from email to fax including social media and anything in between.

  • Personal contacts: here the employee is able to add emergency contacts, or just family contacts indicating if they are dependent or beneficiary.

  • ID numbers: passport, ID, SSN, NIE, whatever you use in your country, here it goes.

  • My payment method: payment method and the bank account number.

  • Image: to upload the image.


Mapping function and modules

Here starts the mess, this may be a difficult post to understand, but I think is really helpful if you are starting with HR and you want to know a bit more about the data structure and mapping through the modules.





Sales & Marketing

Organization Administration


Marketing Executive

Organization Administration


1613 5th Ave

Personnel Management

Contact details


Personnel Management

Personal contacts

Drew Funderburk

Personnel Management

ID Numbers


Personnel Management

My payment method

Bank account

Personnel Management



Personnel Management


For the next posts expect a deeper dive into:

  • Summary

  • My career information

  • Additional information

Have fun ad let me know your thoughts!

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