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Dynamics FREE Learning Resources 📓

In this entry, I share with you a collection of resources available to start learning or upgrade your knowledge about Dynamics for Human Resources. Remember that:

  1. These are FREE resources

  2. These are official resources from Microsoft

This is one of my favorites resources ever. When I just started being involved in the Microsoft world, this platform literally saved me. Despite there's not a lot of content about D365 HR, some modules are available to start understanding.

From zero to something

First things first: you are just starting from scratch with Dynamics I strongly recommend you to check this Learning Path: Microsoft Dynamics 365 Fundamentals. This path includes 15 modules covering a lot of content. The best part? After completing this path you are ready to present the Exam MB-901: Microsoft Dynamics 365 Fundamentals. Is a win-win.

The bit of HR

Already told you that there's not much content inside Microsoft Learn about Dynamics for Human Resources, ANYWAY, there's a bit.

🚨 Please keep in mind that solutions like this may change regularly, so maybe some content included in the learning path may not be applicable anymore. This leads me to my following resource: Microsoft Docs.

This is one of the most helpful resources I use. To check my knowledge, learn, and understand Dynamics 365 Human Resources. This documentation is always updated with the latest changes to the solution. Depending on the role you develop, the tab you want to check.

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