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Discover your hidden stars with D365 Human Resources

If I tell you that there's talent hiding in your company and that you don´t necessarily need to go out and invest in external recruitment when you've got a new opening sounds like a lie? Well, let me tell you that with Dynamics 365 Human Resources is possible and I'll show you how in several ways.

Business scenario

´The Power Company´ is hiring different positions: Sales Manager, Chief Happiness Officer. Before looking outside the company I want to give an opportunity to inner talent to fulfill the position. Why? Because current employees from my company are aware of values, business, and culture. Also because it will be much cheaper for two reasons:

1. External recruitment costs: a recruiter to search, interview, spot, hire the right candidate, and onboard (40-ish hours).

2. Learning curve: between a newbie and a current employee we've got a learning curve and adaptation to the role and company that translates directly in productivity and costs.


For this scenario, our module-friend will be Employee Development.


👉 Unveil your hidden talent 👈

  1. Once you are logged into Dynamics 365 Human Resources select Employee Development module

2. Under Links, select Skill mapping profiles

3. Select New and complete as much information as possible

4. Once you are done, select Execute from the top and then Run in the background.

5. After the process is completed - it can take a minute - a line in the top will show you the results as shown below. You can access them by selecting the blue line or the Results button.

Below you will find a list of the employees that match the profile you entered. The important number is the percentage. This number indicates the matching and is mostly ranked from most fittable to less fittable. Simple huh? 😊

Alternative Views:

  • Report, and my favorite by far.

As you can see below the employees still ranked by percentage but this time you can also see the gaps and missing skills. This way you can analyze if you want to invest in upskilling an employee or if is not worthy.

  • Graphics, a bit messy but nice to have.

You can select from different graphic views, and also evaluate which is the best fit. In my opinion, when you've got so many results as here (490) it can be difficult to use. Better to use this alternative view when you have fewer results.

Using this first solution you will spot potential inner candidates who can fulfill the position and also using the report tool you can also find the gaps.


👉 Match job - person 👈

  1. Once again, when you log into Dynamics 365 Human Resources select Employee Development module

2. Select Skill gap analysis job-person