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EN D365HR Series | Chapter 35: Custom fields.

Let's say you plan to deploy D365 HR as it comes, out of the box. You are going to use all the mandatory fields, I have no doubts. But it is possible that the reality of your company - or that of your client - requires some customization. Relax everyone, one of the options that we can use is that of custom fields.

In this post, I will tell you a step by step on how to add custom fields to your workspaces.

Step by Step

1. Identify the form or section in which you want to add a field. In this case, I chose to add a field to the worker file, with the preferred pronoun.

2. Log in to the system and go to the Options bar, then Customize this page, as shown in this screenshot:

3. Here we have a very interesting mix between English and Spanish. You will select the field + Add field (it can appear in English as well), and then you will be enabled boxes/sections where you will choose where to add your field. Press where you like. And then the magic comes true: a new form to give the information to the system what this new field is about.

- Table name: you choose from the drop-down list

- Prefix of the name: I chose Pronoun

- Type: Text

- Label: same text as the name prefix

- Help text: a short help for the user.

4. The field is ready to be used as you can see below.


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