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D365 HR roadmap: what the future holds.

Hello HR Lovers. It's been a while since I posted something related to D365 HR. Today we will cover what is planned to be released in the next couple of months regarding Dynamics 365 Human Resources.

Please note that the releases may experience delays or changes. This article is written as of today: November 2nd, 2022.

We will cover part of the 2022 wave 2 investments as shown in the picture below.


Benefits-related notifications for employees:

  • Challenge: Contacting employees to solve issues regarding benefits. The benefits notifications feature allows benefits administrators to contact employees through email based on the employee's benefits enrollment progress. Email notifications can be used to send instructions to employees or reminders to complete their enrollment.

  • Business value: Solve challenges asap.

  • Feature details: Notify employees about:

  • Their open enrollment status

  • Plan updates due to qualifying events

  • Ability to select benefits for new hires