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D365 HR: 3 solved scenarios

In this article, I'm planning to share with you why Dynamics 365 Human Resources should be part of your solution box while facing a customer or prospect. Three of the main challenges that most of the companies face are listed here, as well as the solution we can provide by implementing D365 HR. Are you ready? Let's go for it!

We are going to divide our challenges by role. Starting with Leaders (I honestly hate the word boss) going through workers or employees, and ending with Human Resources staff.

🚀 Leaders

Goal: to support Leaders in the path of democratizing talent management.

Current situation: Leaders are used to managing people, of course, but they don't usually have the solutions or platforms to be successful. Let's review it with an example:

´Alex is a Marketing Executive leading a team of three persons. One of her reports, Drew, also leads a team of five workers. Alex's daily challenges are to support the Marketing strategy creating plans to impact social platforms, generate more sales, and position the brand in the market and also be a good leader. Whenever a teammate needs a day off, they sent Alex an email to review and approve it, the same happens when someone decides to use a benefit part of the plans provided by the company.´

By managing the team through email - or even through Microsoft Teams - Alex is adding to her daily backlog a lot of tasks that could be easily solved. This could lead to a delay in the tasks she is developing (core tasks from a Marketing Executive or Leader tasks), which will directly impact her performance and the team performance as well, unless she works after hours to compensate for this siloed way of working.

Solution: Luckily for Alex and other leaders, Dynamics 365 Human Resources as a platform is capable of providing support into a single solution to manage entire teams, not only direct but indirect reports. By implementing D365 HR, leaders will be able to work in a unified management solution part of the Microsoft ecosystem to own their people and the processes related to them all in Manager Self-Service. One of the main tasks of leaders is to lead, let's support them. A successful leader leads to a happy organization.

📐 Employees

Goal: to improve employee lifecycle and impact in employee wellbeing and engagement.