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⚡️ D365 F&O Summit 2021 is here!

I'm so happy to tell you we will have an amazing summit for Finance and Operations - and other Dynamics solutions - upcoming in 2 weeks. We are closing the month of January with an amazing lineup and great sessions.

The event will take place on the last weekend of the current month and there are some sessions you can´t miss. Check this link to see the agenda for three days: Dynamics 365 Finance Operations Summit 2021 – Power Community

Luckily we have an amazing group of sessions on Sunday dedicated to Dynamics 365 Human Resources, and I have the pleasure to be tracking all of them! Starting with Thomas Sandsør and closing with Ismail Tunca, some great sessions will take place!

Make sure you register to attend!

If you have any doubt about the event drop me a note and I'll happily help you 😊

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