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AI Builder + Power Automate + Outlook + Teams

Ok, this is a fast and furious kind of post, because while I'm waiting for my plane to Uruguay I was looking for ideas but I discovered gold. What I'm about to share is something that you can do like right now.

Let's picture that the HR department receives a massive amount of emails every day, so it's usual for them to forget to answer some of them. The problem is that some of those missing emails are very sensitive and require immediate action.

There's a template within Power Automate that solves this scenario.

Log into make.powerautomate and select Templates and search in the Productivity tab for sentiment analysis. A couple of options will appear, make sure you select Analyze sentiment analysis with AI builder and send results to Teams

Once the Power Automate opens, you'll need to grant permissions. Bare in mind that you'll need AI Builder capabilities. If your trial expired you can always extend it.

After you granted the permissions for all apps included you'll see something like this

Things that you should remember: select the recipient of the adaptative card in Teams. In this case, I decided that a member will receive the adaptative card, just because it made sense that a member of the HR department is responsible to manage all the cases, right?

I triggered the flow using a negative and a positive email. Let's see the results:



The best part? It takes less than 15 seconds to analyze the sentiment:

Have you tried it?

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