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4 challenges : 1 solution = D365 HR

It's been a while since my latest post and I wanted to come back with a strong post just to remind the whole idea behind this blog: Dynamics 365 Human Resources rocks ✊!

I can´t deny it, I'm a challenge solver. I tend to analyze my personal experiences within HR departments and roles I've worked on before and try to think about how I could use technology to make things easier. Lesson learned: is not about working more, but working smarter.

The following challenges were going to cover are part of the Quick-Start Guide for Dynamics 365 Human Resources. I didn't create them but I agree 100% with them. You'll find my personal challenge at the end of this article.

🚀 Democratize access to information.

Situation: Many HR departments are used to work using multiple formats: lots of paper, forms, email, phone calls, interviews, and so on. The challenge lies in keeping everyone updated with the latest information related to the current process, employee, or candidate. Picture a remote HR team that needs to elaborate an email after performing every simple action, that is just exhausting for everyone.

Solution: Luckily for all of us, Dynamics 365 Human Resources solves this challenge by providing one platform with access anywhere, anytime from every device that is capable of integrating with multiple solutions to cover your specific needs.

Outcome: Employee experience to the next level!

🚀 Communicate your programs.

Situation: Companies provide programs as a part of the employee experience, such as leave, benefits, compensations, and so on. The challenge lies in trying to manage all of them without making mistakes. In one of my previous roles as an HR Analyst, I was keeping track of leaves in an excel spreadsheet, benefits were handled in a separate solution, and compensation was tracked by another team and I couldn't see what was going on.

Solution: Dynamics 365 Human Resources provides us an environment of collaboration, where we can achieve separate and team goals. As the employees are able to access the solution and see current programs and plans, HR Teams can access the overall and review requests, and Managers are capable to keep track of what is going on.

Outcome: Better communication leads to an improved and connected version of your company.

🚀 Keep it simple.

Situation: I've seen HR departments using multiple solutions for all the ongoing processes. This means that they are using several systems for different actions and buying tailored solutions to cover specific needs, this is what I like to call "The Frankenstein". A terrible tool that is designed by non-technical people, by adding different technologies without IT advise. Productivity and efficiency are not the core values of this Frankenstein solution because the mindset is limited to copy and paste what is currently happening.

Solution: A unified solution that's capable of simplifying processes by automated actions and providing easy access to day-to-day information such as hierarchy, worker records, and job descriptions.

Outcome: More is less.

🚀 Use information for good.

Situation: Just because we exist we are generating information, imagine a fully working HR department generating data every day, or even an entire company. I've seen KPIs being managed in excel spreadsheets, locally stored, I've seen HR Analysts fully dedicated to creating reports and PowerPoint presentations to present to board members and Heads of departments. Decentralized information is the challenge we are facing over here, information not being properly handled and decisions are taken by heart instead of by brain.

Solution: Dynamics 365 Human Resources uses embedded PowerBI reports, that help us to analyze and visualize dashboards from every device. Decisions will be taken based on evidence instead of intuition...

Outcome: Smarter companies!

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