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Power Platform AI Hub for HR

If you haven't started to use AI within Power Platform, this is the ideal blog for you. In this short, simple - but very insightful article - I will delve into the magic (or science) behind AI models, and just in case you do not feel inspired, with each model I'm sharing a process flow on when to use it :) These process flows will give you a general understanding of when to add an AI component to your HR business process. Big shout out to Damien Bird ( who recently shared the amazing tool I will use for process diagrams.

To start adding AI to your processes - either for apps, bots, or automation - , I highly recommend you look at make.powerautomate or make.powerapps, as shown in the image below. Just type the URLs and log in with your account (if you don't have a trial already let me know through LinkedIn DM or a comment in this post). When you log into make.poweautomate or make.powerapps make sure you find the AI hub - as indicated in the image below.

After going to the AI hub there are several things you can access, for this blog, we will dive into AI models, and select it.

Just select All, and the page will display all the models.

And just like that, you now can see all the AI models available for use.

Now that you know how to access the AI hub, let's dive into the HR processes that will benefit from AI.


HR for AI

The processes stated below are not in order of importance, but just random. I used DiagramGPT – AI diagram generator ( to create the flowcharts - I like Visio but my skills are quite bad - so this was a game changer (Damien, thanks again!).


Use case #1: Motivation letter parsing

In this case, with the motivation letters received by email a flow gets triggered to start the AI model to extract key information from the documents, fit candidates into 5 categories, and then create candidate records, CV and motivation letters are added to the worker record, as long as a short description. There are a couple of models that can work with this use case, but my favorite is the Extract custom information from documents. Below you will find a little bit of a process flow to explain what is the use case happening behind.

If you want to create this use case, or something similar, I highly recommend you have a look at the following model: Extract custom information from documents from the AI hub. In case you don't feel confident about this model to start all alone, just go here: Process custom documents with AI Builder - Training | Microsoft Learn


Use case #2: Detect sentiment from employees.

Providing a unique employee experience is one of the things that keeps employees motivated. One of the main issues we have with HR support is the long time it takes to process our requests. Imagine a worker sends an email, message, or chat to a certain endpoint, with AI we can understand the sentiment of this message and execute a different outcome based on the sentiment. The process should be something like this:

I have a post about it that I should revamp as technology changed names, but the main intention is still the same: HR Sentiment analysis with Power Automate + Power Virtual Agents + Microsoft Teams ( If you want to learn more, official documentation can be found here: Analyze the sentiment of text with AI Builder - Training | Microsoft Learn.


Use case #3: Analyzing employee feedback.

Many HR organizations are lacking solutions to bring together the main areas of improvement. I can think of two use cases, the first one being easier than the second one - understanding employee feedback, and the second one being analyzing glasdoor reviews. Glassdoor already has some built-in capabilities and it might not be easy to connect with a third party. The idea of this model is to just retrieve the most relevant words or phrases from the text provided.

In case you want to learn more about this use case and understand how to dive in, access this learning module: Identify key phrases with AI Builder - Training | Microsoft Learn. You are just 25 minutes away from using AI for HR.


Very important: Get help from GPT-4o and Copilot to design your apps and processes ( This video has been created by Damien, and he shows an excellent example of how to use GPT web to help you design your apps and processes.

Microsoft documentation:

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