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Create a new workspace in D365 HR

In some business scenarios, Dynamics 365 Human Resources might gather features in a way your customer doesn't. This could look like a stopper, but believe me, there is an excellent way to group functionalities in a custom new workspace.

Today I'll show you how to create a new workspace, add features and customize it. The only thing that you will need for this is the Dynamics 365 Human Resources/Finance environment and a little bit of imagination.

It's always better to learn from a business case, and you are lucky as I have one. A customer wanted to manage loaned equipment in a very specific way. They wanted to let an Administration person manage the loaned items without letting them access any additional information. This is achievable by simply doing two things:

  1. Create a new workspace and add all desired features to it.

  2. Create a specific security role for the users.

In this article, I will show you how to set up both.


First: Create a new workspace

Log into D365 HR. In the main dashboard, right-click and then Add a page. The options will be Workspace, Power App, or Website. Follow the steps displayed in this video;

Once you add the workspace, it will appear at the very end of the workspace list, just like this:

What we will do next is add the functionality we want. Just dive into the module you need, and add the functionality. In this case, we will add the loaned equipment features which can be found in Human Resources > Personnel Management. Note that you can replicate this with any functionality you want.

In the Personnel Management module, we will look for the loaned equipment features and add them to the new workspace.

Let's go to Loan Items, select Options from the header and then Add to workspace. You can choose between Tile, Link, or List.

Once you are happy with your choice, just select Configure. A new tab will open and you will decide on the Display name and the Tile size, select Add to workspace.

We will repeat the process for Loan items and Loan types.

Loan items:

Loan types:

Cool, now we have our workspace complete with the functionalities from D365 HR.

This is what the new workspace looks like, and it's all my end user needs to perform their job.


Second: Create a custom security role

Once the big work is done we should work on tailoring a specific role.

Log into D365 HR, then select the workspace just created, and under Options go to Security diagnostics. A new tab will open as shown below.

You can see the roles, duties, and privileges. In this case, we will use the role of Information technology manager.

As a good practice, what we will do is duplicate this role. We will not change anything in the existing roles from Dynamics 365, keep this in mind, for the rest of your consultancy life.

Go to System Administration > Security configuration. Chose from the roles listed, and then Duplicate.

Enter a new name for the new role, then select Ok.

Based on our research, this is how the role should look like:

Now is ready to be published and assigned to the user.

And that is all! Awesome job :)


If you are interested in adding a Power App or a Website instead of creating a new workspace, check out this video:

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