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🔧 Tool kit Series | Leave and Absence

Introducing the second article of this short series: Tool kit.

In this edition, we are going to focus on Leave and Absence. You already know the features of the module in Dynamics 365 Human Resources, and if not make sure you visit this article: D365HR Series | Capítulo 12: Bajas y Ausencias. ( is in Spanish, but you can easily translate it to any language.

In a few words, the idea behind Leave and Absence is to centralize in a single solution on how to manage the time-off. While employees request days off, managers can approve and both - managers and HR - keep track of absence for the entire team.

What I want to show you today is how easy it is for your employees to requests time-off through Dynamics 365 Human Resources.

🔑 Employee requests time-off

This guide is based on the Employee Self-Service module: D365HR Series | Capítulo 11: Autoservicio (

1. First thing first: Log into your D365 HR instance and go to Employee self-service.

2. Once you are in ESS, press the Request time-off button.

3. Once the tab is open, complete all the fields as shown below and press submit.

And that is how it's done!

That simple is for your employees to submit time-off requests.

In ESS you will find a tab where you can see your balances, approved time-off, and pending requests.

📆 I'm a Manager, how can I manage the Leave from my employees?

No problem! In the same workspace as Employee self-service, you'll find all the information about your team. This module will help you to keep track of every single aspect of your team. For now, we are focusing on Leave, so see the image below and your mind will blow.

In case some of the people reporting to you have a team reporting to her/him, you can also see it in this module. As you can see Benjamin Martin has two additional buttons: View Team and Details. As you are responsible for your team - involving non-direct reports you need to make sure you have everything under control. These two buttons will help you to stay updated without missing anything.

See you soon!

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