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The good bits from D365 FnO

From the bottom of my heart, I never thought I was going to write an article with this title, but life has this weird way of letting you know you are not in control. As many of you know I'm a Dynamics 365 Human Resources Advocate and will stand after it for life, but coming clean there are some good bits that I'm starting to get to know from Dynamics 365 Finance and Operations.

There are two things that I really like about D365FnO:

  1. Time and Attendance

  2. Expense management

These functionalities are something that we never had in D365 HR or D365 for Talent - Core and I honestly believe they add a lot of value. I'm on the learning curve of understanding the implementation and concepts, as usual, documenting this curve is part of my process, so there you go!


⌛ Time and Attendance ⌛

On one hand, we have Time and attendance. This is basically the module that allows companies to register, manage and extract information related to workers' work times. This is a very helpful functionality, as you can appreciate is of course related with people hence is part of our Human Resources duties.


  • Registering time

  • Adding clock-out registrations

  • Calculating registrations

  • Approving registrations

  • Approving registrations using workflow

  • Transferring approved registrations

  • Reversing transferred registrations

  • Registering through electronic timecards


🤑 Expense management 🤑

On the other hand, we have Expense management, if you are part of a company I'm sure sometime in your lifetime you will send an expense report. This is basically what the functionality is all about.


  • Sending expenses

  • Approving expenses

  • Extracting post-expense reports

  • Getting travel requisitions

  • Asking and approving a cash advance

  • Setting up per diems


Despite I'm not as passionate about these two processes (I'm more of a soft HR fan), is more than clear that both of them are quite important and related to Human Resources management and it was needed for me to start diving into them :)

For further posts expect some hands-on content and be open to learning!

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Andres Briceño
Andres Briceño
Jun 15, 2022

Is there more info about Time and Attendance on D365, maybe we can replace our current one named GeoVictoria

Ana Inés Urrutia
Ana Inés Urrutia
Jun 15, 2022
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