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👋 I invite you to: Teams Nation 2022

Teams Nation is around the corner - only happening in a couple of weeks - and I'm pleased to tell you I'll be presenting a session.

If you don´t know what Teams Nation is, let me tell you is a fantastic event that gathers a LOT of content from different tracks. This means that is not focused on technology, but mainly on the topics that different speakers want to share along with Microsoft Teams, Power Platform, SOYS, and of course Metaverse. As with many community events, this one is also free and I'll share a link to some useful links below.

During my session - that luckily for you is a short one - I'll be sharing how we can solve HR challenges with Microsoft technology. I already presented this session during Power Platform Bootcamp for Paraguay, but in Spanish, so I'm really excited to share it in English with you. In this session, we will cover all Microsoft platforms that are capable of providing solutions to Human Resources challenges. From Dynamics 365 Human Resources to Viva and Teams.

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