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👋 I invite you to: D365 F&O Summit 2022

Actualizado: 9 mar 2022

Dynamics 365 Finance Operations Summit 2022 will be happening next month. A lot of content it's offered for free and you have the chance to learn from the bests in this field. As we know, Finance and Operations applications include:

  • Finance

  • Project Operations

  • Supply Chain Management

  • Commerce

  • Human Resources... almost.

Many of you may know that D365 Human Resources will soon be part of the Finance and Operations infrastructure, so this is what I'm going to present at this summit. I'm happy to share with you that I'll be presenting a brand new session. The session I'll present - that is detailed below - aligns very nicely with the one delivered by Rachel Proffit: Prepare for HR migration to F&O infrastructure – Power Community

What to expect from my session?

We will cover all things about the infrastructure merge of Dynamics 365 Human Resources into Dynamics 365 Finance and Operations apps. How does this merge impact our customers, partners, and consultants? How we can deliver a better experience for Human Resources challenges? Come and share your doubts, questions, and concerns in this session.

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