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⚡️ DynamicsCon is arround the corner!

Hi everyone!

DynamicsCon is around the corner and there are LOTS of amazing sessions. This is a huge tool for learning, sharing and knowing the community. So in case you are wondering how to celebrate the year anniversary of COVID (March 16 to 18), I strongly suggest you save the dates and enjoy this great event.

If you don´t know the system, it works this way: the speakers submit sessions, then the community votes, and the sessions with more votes are accepted to be a part of the conference.

As a voter, you will have the power to spread 18 votes - use them wisely - all over the 5 tracks:

  • Business Central

  • Customer Engagement

  • Finance and Operations (included D365 HR).

  • Dynamics GP

  • Power Platform

In case you missed the last edition, here you will find two amazing keynotes from our friends Dona Sarkar and Jon Levesque.

And also - because this community ROCKS - here you can all the recordings with the sessions from the last edition. Just go to the YouTube channel: DynamicsCon - YouTube

There are a lot of great people who submitted amazing sessions, so if you want to invest 15 minutes scrolling and voting the sessions you won't regret it. I promise. The interesting part is that you can actually choose what you want to learn.

In case you feel like voting, this is my session - just click the link:

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