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Career switchers... Rising heroes or hidden gems?

So, lately I've been exploring and sharing my thoughts about helping other people in similar situation at the one I was before I started working smarter with the support of technology. You know, quarantine has been a good friend to review and plan what is next to come, so I decided to share my thoughts. You mind find some similarities with my article talking about citizen developers, but it has a twist.

I've been very lucky to find a path that fulfilled my professional desire as well as I wanted. But I repeat, I was lucky because someone saw me. Of course I take credit for my attitude and motivation, but how many of people like me out there are having awesome performance but no one is seeing them? This is the people I want to reach and support.

So, the discussion is: rising heroes o hidden gems?

In this path I was able to connect with more hidden gems than rising heroes, I think that the reason is the one I shared before, there are no eyes to see this combo of explosive capabilities. Maybe because they are not ready to see us. So we need to help both parts: leaders and rising heroes.

A rising hero

There are some exceptions, and Bruno is the case. We crossed paths working together, both as part of support areas for an amazing company. This company provided the opportunity to use the Microsoft solutions available to make the work smarter, better, and data-driven. Bruno develops a role in Finance and Administration, and he realized the advantage of using PowerPlatform as a part of the daily work. He has a great combination between the 3 factors I believe are needed to become a career switcher: mindset + technology + referents. Now Bruno, even in a support role, is aligned with the purpose of the company and understands the end-to-end process of delivering a solution. 100% rising hero that started as a hidden gem.

Where is the gap?

One of the things I'm more concerned about is the existing gap. In one hand we have the classical careers such as HR, Admin, that don´t have so much natural connection to tech solutions available but do know a LOT about how the business work. On the other hand, we have the opposite case, engineers and software developers building solutions with no knowledge of the existing challenges in the company. Don´t take me wrong, I know there are some cases in between, but they are the less. I want to help to narrow the gap between this two words.

What's next?

The goal is close the gap, democratize the access to technology and help others work less and do more (love that phrase). From my humble place I want to collaborate with a mentoring plan - Zero to Hero - to provide support to everyone interested in switching careers. The plan still work in progress, but we are very close to come alive!

If you are interested, or know anyone who is, share this article! Let's spread the word. Let's help all the hidden gems become rising heroes!

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