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Beware of duplicate employee records!

Today I bring you one simple but smart feature from Dynamics 365 Human Resources that will prevent you from making any mistake during the hiring process.

Basically, once your implementation is done and your customer starts using the platform, part of the regular HR tasks is to hire people. As a smart platform D365HR prevent users from duplicating records. It's quite simple.

Log into Dynamics 365 Human Resources > Personnel Management

Below the employees and contractors, you will find the + Hire employee/ + Hire contractor, select either of them:

A new tab will open, start completing the name information:

As you can see, once the information is entered, if the record already exists in the system, D365 HR will warn:

´There might already be a record for ´Abraham Apodaca´. Please consider whether you would like to use one of their possible matches instead of creating a new record.´

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