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Let me introduce you to Malin Martnes.

MVP for Business Applications since July, 2019.  

She's my friend and mentor. She's creating amazing content for a bunch of applications such as Power PlatformDynamics 365 Human Resources and Dynamics 365 Marketing.

If you want to have fun while learning go and follow her content: 

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⚡️ Books ⚡️

Talk Like TED

Carmine Gallo


Chip & Dan Heath


Dona Sarkar

Linchpin. Are you Indispensable?

Seth Godin

Getting Naked

Patrick Lencioni

Hit Refresh 

Satya Nadella

Everybody Writes

Ann Handley


Carol S. Dweck 

Campeones: Transformación Digital

Lorenzo Ramírez Navarrio

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