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🔧 Tool kit Series | Personnel Mgmt Starter Pack

I'm starting this Tool kit series with the Personnel Management Starter Pack.

You will need this in order to start working properly with your environment, it will be a bit basic for some of you, but I hope it helps.

I will walk you through some basic but needed steps:

🔨 Jobs: a quick guide to create jobs.

1. In the Personnel Management module, go to the Links tab and select Jobs.

2. Select New and complete ALL the fields.

  • General

  • Description

  • Job classification

  • Compensation

  • Skills

  • Certificates

  • Tests

  • Education

  • Screenings

  • Job tasks

  • Areas of responsibility

HR Pro tip: this feature will solve your life in the future. If you ever open a new position for this job, you can come here and see all the information related to the job description. Also will let you work in only one place with all the information united.

🔧 Positions: a quick guide to set positions.

1. In the Personnel Management module, select Open Positions.

2. Select New and complete the fields as shown below and select Create Position

I'm a happy person so I choose Chief Happiness Officer position😋

3. A new window will open and you will be able to complete as many fields as you want for the position you just created. HR Pro tip: Add as much information as possible, it will be useful for the future you and also for the team that works with you.

You will find the following tabs (pst! complete them all!):

  • General

  • Position duration

  • Reports to position

  • Worker assignment

  • Payroll

  • Relationships

  • Worker's compensation

  • Labor union

  • Financial dimensions

🔨 Hiring: when a new employee arrives

1. In the Personnel Management module, select Hire employee.

2. A new tab will open and you will need to complete all the information for the new employee and select Hire.

3. A new window will open with the employee record and you will be able to edit different dimensions for the employee as shown below:

HR Pro tip: make sure you complete EVERYTHING!

🔧 Transfering: is time to move!

1. In the Personnel Management module, use the lookup engine and type the name of the employee you want to transfer.

2. People module will open, select the ... and then Change position.

3. Complete all the fields required, as shown below:

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