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This is NOT another Release notes post.

If you are looking for a brief summary of the release notes, I'm afraid you won't find it here. After creating entries about these highlights a couple of times, I realized that it doesn't make sense for me to share something you can read in a precise and excellent way delivered by the Product team at Microsoft.

Find the complete Release Notes for Wave 2 2022 over here:


The question is: what you will find here?

I decided I'm picking my favorite functionality and will share with you why I think is an awesome improvement. This time was quite easy to create content because what I'm about to share is just mind-blowing.


Let's set the mood

I invite you to be positive and think of a perfect world where everyone is using Dynamics 365 Human Resources (my dream), even with this situation the companies, managers, and HR Pros are missing a good part of what's going on with their workforce: wellbeing, insights, and employee engagement. Do you actually know any solution supporting these processes? If you do, you can imagine how cool the future will look. If you don´t know, there is an awesome platform called Microsoft Viva - powered by Microsoft 365 and delivered through Microsoft Teams - which enables amazing functionalities for employee experience and engagement.

As of now, companies using D365HR + Microsoft Viva were unable to have a combined profile across these platforms. This scenario adds a bit of complexity to HR Pros, as they want to be aware of the full picture related to the workforce, not only master and transactional data, but also insights and wellbeing data. Microsoft announced that there is a new functionality coming - dates below - where there is one employee profile through integration with Microsoft Viva.

Important info

  • Enabled for: Users by admins, makers, or analysts

  • Public preview: October 2022

  • General Availability: March 2023

We are all waiting for some additional details - mainly the UX. I'll make sure to share any updates over here so keep an eye on my posts :)


Looking for more? Check Microsoft Viva Explorers content

I'm not going to bore you with all the information about Viva. Still, I will highly recommend you check out some fantastic people from the community creating content and sessions about the platform. You can find them over here: Our explorers (

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