About me

I was born in Montevideo, Uruguay. 

B.A. in Psychology from the Catholic University of Uruguay. 

I had worked on different kinds of organizations, and I´ve learned common things about HR in all of them, and these repetitive lessons helped me to be the Consultant I´m today. 

The biggest achievement in my professional career is to help HR teams to improve their work through the adoption of technology. I'm a faithful believer that Dynamics 365 for Human Resources is the path. Change management is not an easy world, but when you accomplish your goals you´re completely fulfilled.
I´ve made mentoring a volunteer experience, helping people all over the world to redefine careers and find new opportunities through the use of a growth mindset. 
I consider myself as a free soul, naturally curious, forward thinker, and innovation enthusiastic. My energy is determined by the next goal I´m going to achieve, sometimes is exhausting but also very rewarding. My free soul enabled me to assume a new adventure, on September 2019 I moved to Perú to start a new professional and personal life. 

October 2020 was another milestone for me, I went back to Uruguay for a while to share with family and friends after a lot of time in self-isolation.

In December 2020 I was awarded as Business Applications MVP! I'm the first woman in Uruguay to receive this amazing award and the second one MVP for Dynamics 365 Human Resources. 

In July 2021 I moved to Spain to keep conquering my dreams.  


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