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Summarize emails using GPT within Power Automate.

AI shouldn't be necessary cutting edge and super complex technology. In this blog, I'm showing you how easy it can be to apply AI to your day-to-day life using Power Automate.

Log into make.powerautomate and find the template section.

Once in the template section, type GPT and select the option Summarize email with GPT.

You will need to enable a couple of permissions and connect with some apps, then select Continue.

After you create the connections, flow designer will open and display the flow already. Change the parameters as you like.

In my case, I will be using this flow to collect project task reports and extract a summarized version of it. In the filter subject, I entered what my project team regularly sent me on Fridays.

Before activating the flow, we will test it. We need to test it manually, so basically we will send an email with a fake list of tasks.

I generated a random text with Bing Copilot - or whatever is called today - and sent an email to the designated account (first step in the flow).

The flow was triggered and a message was received through Teams:

The flow took a very short amount of time to analyze the information and retrieve back a result.

This is a simple way of using GPT and Generative AI in your day-to-day life.

If this use case doesn't make sense to you, try exploring any of the following:

  1. Long email chains with decision-making: Summarize the various perspectives, arguments, and the final decision reached.

  2. Emails requesting information from multiple sources: Summarize the information gathered from each source in a concise format.

  3. Long approval chains with justifications: Summarize the request, the justification provided for approval, and any potential concerns raised.

  4. Emails with long attachments: Summarize the key points of the email and mention the attachments for further details.

  5. Follow-up emails on action items: Summarize the original action item, the progress made, and any outstanding tasks.

  6. Emails with repetitive updates: Summarize the overall progress and highlight any notable changes or roadblocks.

  7. Internal knowledge-sharing emails (e.g., project updates): Summarize key information and insights for colleagues who may not have time to read the full email.

How are you going to take advantage of low code and Generative AI?

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