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Secret weapon for HR! Dynamics 365, Copilot Studio & ServiceNow Hack!

This video shows a smart self-service solution for Microsoft Dynamics 365 HR, featuring a super-powered AI chatbot built with the dream team of Microsoft solutions:

  • Dynamics 365 HR: Your central hub for all employee needs.

  • Microsoft Copilot Studio: The AI whiz that bridges the gap between systems.

  • ServiceNow: Your IT service management powerhouse. Here's the magic:

Employees can chat directly within Dynamics 365 HR self-service to access information and get answers to HR and even IT-related questions.

If the chatbot can't find the answer right away: Don't worry! It will automatically create a ServiceNow ticket for your HR or IT team to address and inform the user about it. The user can even track the ticket and follow up on pending activities.

Stop the back-and-forth emails and empower your employees with instant answers! This is the future of HR self-service. Watch now and unlock the magic!

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