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Add Power Apps to Dynamics 365 Human Resources.

I love this feature, and chances are that you have already seen it. However, let me share one of my favorite Dynamics 365 Human Resources tips. There are cases where D365HR fits short or the existing features do not accommodate your or your client's needs. Maybe you don't want to implement the whole project piece included in the ERP, so you could - for example - follow these steps to add a Timesheet app - or any app you need.

First of all: The timesheet app I'm using, is a sample from the awesome April Dunnam | LinkedIn. You can find all the details here:

After deciding which app you would like to add, log into Dynamics 365 HR.

In the main dashboard, search for Employee self-service, there is a chance that is called only Self-service in your environment.

Employee self-service will open displaying the following view.

Right-click somewhere near the Summary section and select Personalize as shown below.

After selecting Personalize, the system will ask you where you want to add the app. Follow the instructions below if you want to add it as a separate tab, which is what I highly recommend.

A new tab will open, select the three dots.

And then select Add an app.

You could either choose a website or a Power App, as you know, we will add a Power App.

Go to make.powerapps, select Details on your app and then copy the App ID.

Go back to Dynamics 365 HR and enter the information as shown below including the App ID.

Once you select Insert, a new tab will display the newly added Power App - or Web if you choose to go that way. Users accessing the app can perform the actions required. However, license implications may apply.

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