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Recruiting in D365 HR is possible!

A new feature has been released to GA and I'm happy to share with you my insights, thoughts, and ideas about it. So, what's the feature about? Recruiting job candidates. Yassss, we've been waiting for something like this since the death of our beloved Attract 😵. To be clear, this feature is not and will not replace an ATS but it is something your HR staff will love in terms of talent pools. I guarantee you that.

Let's dive into the feature and understand it a bit more.

What's the feature? Recruit job candidates will help your HR force to:

  • Enable recruiting requests

  • Allow managers to add a recruiting request

  • Maintain and keep track of candidates and prospects data

  • Move candidates to employees through a hiring process

  • Dismiss or not hiring a candidate

Why is important for your HR team?

  • Is an OOB functionality

  • I bet that HR is using Excel to keep track of all candidate info

  • Use one solution for all processes

  • Improve managers experience through a powerful capability

  • Work tidily


🏆 Unleash the power

First of all, make sure you enable the recruiting request through the Personnel management module > Links > Human Resources shared parameters and Recruitment. Select Yes and now we are ready to work!

📍 Locate your requests

Depending on your needs you will add or not a request location. My recommendation is to use this feature in the best possible way, so as a good practice I recommend adding a request location. Is an easy step that will help you to work even more organized. Don´t we just love order?

Go to D365 HR main dashboard and type into the search bar: Recruiting request location. After finding this new tab select New and complete all fields - the more the merrier.


💼 Manager experience

Now that you enable the feature and allow some locations, is time for the actual managers/leaders to use the functionality based on the need to fulfill a job opening.

The experience will be easy and the learning curve will be zero because the feature is embedded in an already known workspace: Manager Self-Service. As they have already mastered this module and its features (such as Absence Manager 101 ( the adoption will be quite easy. Let's go for it.

As mentioned, go to Self-Service and select My team. You will find a new option Request to recruit. When you click on this feature the system will provide you three fields to complete:

  • Description

  • Job

  • Estimated start date

This is actually the fun part, where you add all the requirements you have for the recruiting request in order to provide all the information for HR so they can actually do the work. After you enter these three fields and select Continue, a new tab will open with LOTS of info.

The General tab will auto-populate from the request as well as the Job tab. If your Job Descriptions are complete (I hope they are) you can just select Create details from Job and all information linked to the Job will auto-populate in the different tabs available: External description, Positions, Skills, Educational requirements, Comments, and Compensation.

When you are happy with the information you added select Activate + Save. This action will lead HR staff to take care of your recruiting request.

👑 Own your processes

In case you want to keep track of how is your request going, the only thing you need to do is to go to the Self-Service module, under My team information you will find a tab called Recruiting request, where you can find your requests with a status note.


🦸 HR to the rescue

After the request is submitted and activated HR needs to start doing the thing. Under the usual and well-known Personnel Management module > Links, under the Recruiting tile, select Candidates, press New, and add all the info.

Candidate summary + Personal information

Recruiting request + Position + Comment + Professional Experience

Addresses + Contact information + Education + Skills

As you can see the profile is really complete and there is a lot of information linked to the candidate.

😃 Hiring!

If you decide to hire a candidate, go to the Candidate detail page and select Hire. A new tab will open with the info you need to add as shown below.

After you enter all the information and select Hire, a new employee record is added to your Personnel Management workspace within Dynamics 365 HR and the candidate will appear as Hired.

😔 It's a ´no´ for now

When the decision is not to advance with the candidate in the process you can not hire or dismiss the candidate. Once again you need to go to the Candidate detail page and find the options at the top.

Do not hire

Dismiss candidate

As you can see the three candidates added to my Candidate list has a little text added below the name where you can understand what happened at a glint:


Before I say bye, I just want to add that this functionality provides a very good experience for HR and Managers without going off budget and keeping all data within Dynamics 365 Human Resources.

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Paulo L.
Paulo L.
15 lis 2023

Hello Ana, I'm curious about when it's best for a customer to utilize either the Recruitment Projects or the Recruitment Requests experience. Presently, we have the capability to set up the HR module, per company, to adopt either experience. What criteria should we consider in making this decision?


Hi, this was very helpful thank you!

I'm looking into this functionality on D365 FO as it has now been released here.

One question please? Is the candidate not visible on the Recruitment Request itself? So it seems the manager that created the request can't see whether a candidate has been linked to it.

Also ... once a candidate is hired, it seems that the recruitment request doesn't change its status. Is that correct?

Thank you!


Gracias a vos! El gusto es mío de que estes por acá visitando el blog y comentando. iCIMS trabaja en America Latina pero es cierto que puede ser un producto costoso en términos de inversión para empresas del mercado, como bien decís vos. otras alternativas son Dynamics ATS y Hub Drive. Siempre está la opción de desarrollar una Power App integrada, pero eso ya depende del cliente, si quiere reinventar la rueda o prefiere ir con un ISV. Mañana busco alternativas para tu mercado y te mando.

Odpowiada osobie:

Conta con eso! Gracias por el feedback. Te mando privado contándote por qué es mejor que tu cliente vea alternativas :)


Ana Maria Lozano
Ana Maria Lozano
24 sty 2022

Es una muy buena opción. La requisición hasta el año pasado se podía publicar en LinkedIn y aprobar o rechazar candidatos que se postulaban, algunos datos de los candidatos pasaban de manera automática a la sección de candidatos en D365 HR.

Ahora sin esa integración debe realizarse manualmente

Ana Maria Lozano
Ana Maria Lozano
24 sty 2022
Odpowiada osobie:

Gracias por tu pronta respuesta. Me encanta aprender tanto de ti.

Si es verdad, LinkedIn es un producto costoso si se requiere para reclutamiento. He estado revisando ICIMS, entiendo que es una plataforma intermedia entre D365 HR y LinkedIn, pero solo funciona para empresas Norte americanas y Europeas. Que opción pueden usar las empresas LATAM? para realizar las publicaciones de vacantes y procesos de selección.

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