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Onboard employees with Power Automate

I was trying to make something simple and fun. Thinking about HR challenges is something natural for me, that's why I dived into the templates available in Power Automate and found something super simple but quite good. Sometimes simple is better.

One of the most critical moments when starting a new relationship with your employee is to make them feel welcome and comfortable. With easy solutions, we can sort out this problem. Keep reading for more.

First of all, I went into > Templates. My favorite tab from templates is Remote work, but if you dive into it, you'll find many options.

I selected the Welcome new team members template. As you may know, a template indicates that everything is already created, you just need to adapt it to yourself. Below you'll find a picture of defaulted values.

I wanted to add color and a personalized message. You'll find that I made a dirty trick with the City. I didn´t have any option available in the Office Admin center to add a superpower, that's why I used City as a superpower. I know is not clean and I apologize.

You can either create a new user in Microsoft 365 admin center or if you already have the user identified it's easier, just go ahead and add it to Microsoft Teams.

After the user is added to Microsoft Teams, you can run the Power Automate and let the magic happen. I'm more than happy with the result.

Would you use this for your company?

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